About Tydak

Tydak makes three promises to our clients.

  1. We are competent. We know what we are doing. We have worked on everything from minor modifications to major meltdowns. We have seen it all and we have helped improve it all.
  2. We only work with seasoned professionals. The Tydak network of experts has been culled from over 30 years of only working with the best in the business. We bring you the level of professional you need for the job.
  3. We act like your business is our business. You’re not just in our next billing cycle. We take care of your business like we own it. And the proof is in our long-term list of clients. Once they hire Tydak, they stay with us as their business grows.

How Tydak helps:

As CEO, it’s not your job to worry about the inner workings of your company’s technology.

We help you focus on the customer experience, while we work with your IT people to make our technology add value to your business. Tydak consults with your IT department to make sure your systems are secure, your systems are up and running and your customers can use your site easily and intuitively.

Your people are your greatest asset and your greatest threat.

Tydak works with upper management to help get the most out of your staff, helping to empower them and unlock their ideas that can help your business grow.

We also understand that employees are your greatest security threat. We help train your staff to recognize the methods that hackers use.

We help you spend the “right” amount on technology.

New versions of software are being released all the time. The latest hardware is better than the version that came out six months ago. Hold the phone. You don’t need the latest and greatest of every single thing. Tydak helps companies spend wisely on technology.