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Just because you can store the data, doesn’t mean you should.

Simply collecting and organizing data from across the enterprise, won’t allow you to put the valuable information to good use. Actually, a poorly designed data warehousing project may jeopardize effective reporting solutions.

Therefore, Tydak’s data warehousing solution works from outside in– working with business users across the organization, then designing the data models that make the most sense to get to answers quickly, and simply.

Whether it’s your customer information in your CRM applications or inventory data from your ERP systems, our database architects will design and construct the most efficient data warehousing procedures.


ATVs, Motorcycles, Utility Vehicles, Watercraft and Power Products are just some of the unique consumer products that have made the Kawasaki brand a household name around the world. TYDAK worked with the business managers to develop a Dealer Performance Scorecard. In addition to the reporting piece, this project required a the creation of a unique database to pull, calculate and store data from disparate systems across the organization. TYDAK built the database, the ETL specifications and code, tested for optimum performance and accuracy. As a result, Kawasaki is able to evaluate dealerships in real-time on performance by location, product and individual sales personnel. The added benefit is Kawasaki has modified the products per dealership based on sales demands, example: They stock more ATVs in areas where outdoor activities are greater and less in big-city dealerships.

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