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Business Intelligence

Getting the answers to the people who need them. Now.

Many companies struggle to make sense of the tomes of data that are collected, stored, and analyzed.  And even the most sophisticated tools won’t deliver results without a proper understanding of WHO needs the information, WHEN they need it, and in WHAT format.

Tydak’s TARGET solutions put Business Intelligence technologies in service of the Sales, Marketing, and Finance teams that will put the information into action.  Business managers don’t need to be data  architects or database experts. They get the information needed and can use their insights to better manage  operations. And your IT team won’t be burdened with excessive support calls.


Beachbody LLC is an American multinational company that sells and promotes fitness, weight loss and muscle building through home-exercise DVDs and other health related products. Tydak was engaged to work with their team to rewrite the database and business analytics systems that support this fast growing company. The rewrite will allow Beachbody’s systems to run lean and healthy for a long time to come.


Tydak BI experts worked with several teams at DIRECTV to create more effective reporting solutions. Tydak colloaborated  with DirecTV’s Risk Management Team to develop collections analytics that uncovered fraudulent customer accounts.

Working with the DIRECTV marketing team, we implemented a “Tracker” campaign management system to measure ad performance.

In conjunction with the Finance team, we developed Performance Management systems that provide the analytics and reporting of dealer channels by product, including Executive Dashboards for self-service reporting, monitoring KPIs for corrective action and rapid decision making.

Lastly, for the Set-Top Box Engineering group, we developed an advanced reporting application to provide detailed reports to track the lifecycle of STBs from manufacture to the facility where they are eventually scrapped.


Dole, the world’s largest producer and marketer of fresh fruit and vegetables, engaged TYDAK to analyze its national Trade Promotion Management program across its broad retail business. Tydak designed and implemented a Business Intelligence solution, focused on reporting how pricing and couponing impacted sales. Using Cognos for report design and development, Tydak customized a powerful BI platform for Dole.

Through well-defined metrics and visual dashboard reporting, the sales and marketing executives are now able to track the success of marketing programs by product, by type, by customer, and by region and optimize their Trade Promotion Management programs, in real time.

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