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Software Update: Do You Really Need It?

I watch those people get a sleeping bag and camp in front of the Apple Store days before the next generation of iPhones goes on sale and I shake my head. “Why? Do you really need the latest and greatest the minute it appears?” Business owners must feel the same when software makers offer upgrades [...]

Does Your CEO Have Credibility?

Just because you’re right it doesn’t mean that people will follow you. If I could get one message across to every CEO or CIO in this country, that would be it. Employees follow a boss who has earned credibility by doing things the right way, looking out for the best interests of the company and [...]

Is Your Mother Running Your IT Department?

Anyone who grew up in a cold climate probably remembers the thrill of a “Snow Day” that cancelled school. You couldn’t wait to run out and play with your friends. But there was this person who stopped you and her name was Mom. “Do you have a sweater on? Where are your mittens? What about [...]

The Journey To Truly Understand Technology

The oldest joke about modern technology is that when you get a new phone, find a 15-year-old who can show you how it works. The underlying message is that kids are so much more advanced when it comes to technology. I challenge that assumption. The kids are great when it comes to phones and apps, [...]

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